Ukulele clubs and organisations

ChUG The Cheltenham Ukulele Group (formerly known as UkeGlos). They meet weekly on Monday evenings.
Churchdown Ukulele Club Churchdown’s ukulele club. The club runs throughout the year and meets every Wednesday.
Gloucestershire Ukuladies Group Our friends in Gloucestershire’s foremost all lady ukulele group.
ukeStroud Stroud’s ukulele club. They meet on alternate Thursday evenings to us and on the fifth Thursday in the month where applicable.
Severnside Ukulele Stummers Association (SUSA) Kidderminster’s ukulele club.
South West Ukulele Union An online group that brings together ukulele players and clubs from all over the SW of England.
Swindon Ukulele Club
Worcester Ukulele Club Our friends up the M5.

Songs, chords and lyrics  Mainly guitar chords but a good source of songs.
Doctor Uke An excellent source of songs and chords for the ukulele. Also includes arrangements for baritone ukuleles.
Got A Uke A very informative ukulele blog for the beginner.
Richard G’s Ukulele Songbook Another excellent source of songs and chords for the ukulele.
The Guitar Guy Yet another excellent source of classic songs (some very old classics).
Traditional Music Library A great source for a wide variety of music styles.  A good source of songs and chords for the ukulele.
Vintage Ukulele Music A vast collection of vintage sheet music for the ukulele. Not free to download so you need to purchase the DVDs.

Ukulele tutorials

Ukulele Underground Video ukulele lessons for songs and techniques. Suits beginners through to advanced players.
Ukulele Mike Web site of Mike Lynch.
Ukulele Mike One of Mike Lynch’s You Tube channels.
Ukulele Bartt The highly entertaining Bartt Warburton.


Ken Middleton Superb British ukulele player. Organises ukulele tuition workshops.
The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (UOGB)
Top Fifty Ukulele Sites
Top One Hundred Ukulele Sites
Uke Hunt A good resource centre for everything ukulele.
Ukulele Go An interesting ukulele related blog, mainly aimed at beginners, with news, interviews, reviews, and lessons.
OnSong An invaluable app for the iPad ® , iPhone ®  and iPod ® .  Install it on your iPad and do away with all your paper copies of songs.
MobileSheets An invaluable app for Android-based tablets and smartphones. Install it on your tablet and do away with all your paper copies of songs.