Glos Strings Ukulele Club was formed in February 2012 by Mike Harrison. From key players at UkeGlos, now called Cheltenham Ukulele Group, he was encouraged and supported to set up a similar club in Gloucester.

As the club grew from its roots at Hucclecote Community Centre it moved to several locations with it now being in a fantastic venue at St Oswald’s Retirement Village. Mike‘s concept for the club was focused on having fun and fostering friendship whilst playing the ukulele.  His enthusiasm and musicianship were outstanding and very infectious.

Over the dozen or so years that the Club has been in existence, contributions to local charities have totalled close to twenty-five thousand pounds.

Mike passed away on 1 May 2023 and has left a lasting impression on so many people with the legacy of Glos Strings.  The Club was Mike’s passion and he devoted so much of his time to building a culture that reflected his own personality.  His energy, enthusiasm, fun-loving nature, musicianship, compassion and friendship is some legacy.

Mike made a difference and we will never forget him.